Clients signing on with Webtek Digital Marketing are offered a long list of services. Blogging is one of them. The Webtek team produces and publishes blog posts designed to get results. How about your digital marketing agency? Do they offer blogging as a standard service?

You get what you pay for in digital marketing. If you want optimal service, it is going to cost you. But high quality digital marketing services are worth paying for. When a digital marketer utilizes the most appropriate strategies, like blogging, the services ultimately pay for themselves by way of:

  • increased traffic (new traffic)
  • more repeat traffic
  • better conversion rates
  • greater online authority
  • better organic search results.

There are some digital marketing services that companies like Webtek consider standard. They are services that no digital marketing company should ignore. Blogging is one of them.

Blog Posts Generate Traffic

So why is blogging so important? One statistic tells the whole story: businesses that maintain a regularly updated blog get 55% more traffic than competitors without blogs. That is a lot more traffic.

Of course, digital marketing providers want qualified traffic more than just generic traffic. Nonetheless, a website isn’t going to generate sales or leads if it’s not getting traffic. You need people to visit a website before you can convince them to take positive action. Blogging gets them in the door.

Blogging Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

There is no need for website owners to be afraid of blogging. In addition, blogging doesn’t have to be hard. Far too many digital marketing agencies complicate blogging for reasons unknown. Likewise, plenty of businesses make blogging hard on their marketing agencies by trying to dictate everything about every post before it is published.

Way back when the public internet was first a thing, blogging was a way for average people to share their thoughts online. Blog posts were by no means formal. They didn’t qualify as professional-grade writing. They were just posts written by average people. Somehow, we got away from that.

Blog posts for business purposes still need to meet a minimum level of quality. They need to be free of spelling and grammar errors; they need to demonstrate proper syntax; they need to flow freely from one thought to the next so that readers can follow. But creating blog posts still doesn’t need to be complicated or hard. They do not have to rise to the level of scientific papers.

Blogging Is Conversational Writing

The whole point of maintaining a company blog is to facilitate an online conversation with customers. Visitors come to a website looking for certain types of information. That information is offered in many formats, including blog posts. In the blog format, information is presented in a conversational way.

In this way, blog posts differ from news articles, informational articles, case studies, and white papers. They are more casual in their style but no less informational. They might cite a statistic or two, but they are not laden down with so many statistics that readers get bored and turn away.

Although certain best practices do make for a better business blog, producing and publishing blog posts doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it shouldn’t be. A digital marketing agency that makes it difficult does a disservice to its clients.

How about your agency? Is blogging a standard part of the digital marketing services they offer? If not, it might be time to shop around for a new digital marketing provider. Blogging is one of those basics that should be a part of every digital marketing strategy.