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The car sitting in your garage, driveway, storage unit, or yard can bring you a lot of money. Do not underestimate its earning power. JUNK MY CAR may be of assistance to you in the following circumstances.

  • There is a totaled car on the scene.
  • The power is out in the car.
  • It is too expensive to repair the car.
  • The vehicle has been vandalized.
  • Safety ratings for the car are low.
  • Although it looks like a car, it looks like a junk car.
  • The vehicle carries a salvage title.
  • A great deal of damage has been done to the car.

No matter how rusted your car is, JUNK MY CAR will buy it. Typically, you can contact JUNK MY CAR by saying junk my car. The company may even come to your door.

Do You Need a Professional junk Car Removal Service?

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Whether you need to sell a wrecked or totaled car, you’ve come to the right place. You will receive cash for your junk car when you sell it to us! You can dispose of your junk car conveniently and quickly with us. Even if your vehicle isn’t running, we’ll pay you cash. We pay within 24 hours!

We Buy Junk Cars 24/7 at Junk My Car

When you decide to sell your car, you may have a difficult time. We aim to make the sale of a car as straightforward as possible. Moreover, as we buy all kinds of cars, we offer free towing! Even if your car isn’t running, we will tow it away free of charge. 

You can often schedule pick-up as early as a day in advance! With our knowledge of market prices for all kinds of vehicles, you can trust that you’re getting a great deal. Contact us today for a free estimate. A free quote is provided to you without any obligation.

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