Voice over internet protocol is really a break through invention which helps you to make free or inexpensive local, lengthy distance and worldwide calls. You might have a couple of questions in your thoughts for example how Voice over internet protocol works, do you know the advantages of Voice over internet protocol.

Voice over internet protocol relationship with Computers and Systems.

Put Voice over internet protocol aside for the time being and we begin researching computer networking, you might have learned about computers, systems, switches and wireless systems. Computers talk to one another via some copper wires, fiber optic cables and wireless spectrum waves. Computer communication happens by means of data. For instance if you’re delivering an e-mail to a person that email is changed into data packets that are transmitted within the network of computers, switches and routers so when transmitted packets gets to destination they are again converted back to email. This complete process takes under couple of milliseconds to accomplish. That’s the way a network system communication happens.

Voice over internet protocol is much like data communication anyway therefore it is crucial that you know the way data network works.

How Voice over internet protocol works and just how a Voice over internet protocol call is transmitted over data systems?

Now because we have found how data network functions therefore it will likely be simpler for all of us to understand how Voice over internet protocol works. Voice over internet protocol means (Voice over ip), Voice over internet protocol calls feel and sounds the same as a typical PSTN call. The only real difference would be that the Voice over internet protocol calls are transmitted over data systems instead of PSTN exchanges.

Whenever we create a Voice over internet protocol call, a communication funnel is made between caller and known as party over IP (Ip Address) which runs on the top laptop or computer data systems. A telephony conversation that can take place over Voice over internet protocol are changed into binary data packets streams instantly and transmitted over data network, when these data packets reach the destination they are again changed into standard telephony conversation. This complete procedure for voice conversion into data, transmission and knowledge conversion into back voice conversation happens within under couple of milliseconds. That’s the way a Voice over internet protocol is call is works over data systems. Hopefully you now understand basics of methods a Voice over internet protocol call happens.

What exactly are speech codec’s and just what role codec plays in Voice over internet protocol?

Speech codec play an important role in Voice over internet protocol and codec determines the cost and quality from the call. Allow me to explain you just what Voice over internet protocol codec’s are and just how they work. You might have learned about data compression, or most likely you’ve heard about air compressor which compresses a amount of air in enclosed container, Voice over internet protocol codec’s are the same as a air compressor. Speech codec’s compresses voice into data packets and decompresses it upon arrival at destination. Some Voice over internet protocol codec’s can compress countless number of voice while keeping QoS meaning use this kind of codec will definitely cost less since it will consume just a small fraction of data network. Some codec’s are not able to encoding countless number of voice they just consume countless number of data systems bandwidth therefore, the cost rises.