Dedicated servers are the newest trend for both small and large businesses for running a smooth and fault free website. It is common for website owners to opt for shared hosting in the initial days of launching the website as it is more affordable and can do a good job when there is low to medium traffic. However, when the traffic on your website increases, it is important to upgrade to a dedicated server for the smooth functioning of your website. Dedicated servers are ideal for a website as they offer strong and enhanced security and can handle high traffic easily.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server precisely refers to you having your server for your website which can only be used and accessed by you. Dedicated servers are one of the most powerful server plans available today along with cloud hosting.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

· Your website can handle the increased traffic better

If your website is growing at a very fast pace, then it would be a better option to opt for the dedicated server so that the increased traffic can be handled better otherwise the sit will crash. Dedicated servers prepare your website to handle traffic better and your site can easily handle much more traffic spikes.

· You have control over your server

One very important merit of a dedicated server is that it gives you complete control and responsibility for your server which means you can use it anyway. Moreover, you can also adjust the hardware specifications and install your operating system (OS). A dedicated server is an advantageous alternative for advanced web developers and the ones with specific and unique requirements.

· The page loading time is quicker

One thing that can impact your website is the loading time it takes. The optimal page loading time is of great significance and it is possible with dedicated servers. Slow pages can lead to high bounce rates and can impact the website negatively. Having a dedicated server enhances your page loading time.

With innumerable advantages, it can be concluded that dedicated servers are definitely worth the hype. They have an effortless edge over shared hosting and possess several features which can convince you to opt for it. Many popular hosting companies offer several plans but nothing can beat THC Services. THC Services offer several powerful services like web hosting, dedicated servers especially Bitcoin dedicated servers at nominal prices. So, I would strongly recommend that you opt for a dedicated server from THC Services if you are struggling to keep up with the growing traffic on your website.

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